Lunch / Nutrition Information

St. Mark School Nutritional Development Program provides affordable and nutritious lunches. All meals provide children with 1/3 of their recommended calories and growth nutrients each day without providing too much fat. Each lunch consists of five components: bread or grains, fruits and/or vegetables, meat or protein, and milk. All students may participate in this program for free.

  • Hot lunch and/or milk are ordered monthly, in advance, by the due date.
  • Ordering instructions are on the Student Order Form.
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Special Lunches

  • Special lunches like Hot Dog Days and Pizza Days are not part of the NDS Program and should be paid for and ordered separately.
  • There is NO NDS hot lunch or milk on Special Lunch Days.
  • Please use special order form provided  to order.
School Wellness Policy

  • In September of 2006, The Archdiocese of Philadelphia embarked on a plan to improve the school environment regarding student health. The ultimate goal of these efforts is to create an environment in which children learn and can practice making good, healthy decisions regarding the choices of food they choose to eat.
  • If bringing a lunch from home, we ask that a healthy lunch is sent with the child/ren.
  • Students are educated about healthy foods and snacks during the school year.

  • The food suppliers do not guarantee that their products are nut free or manufactured in a nut free environment. Also be aware that soy products may be included in the ingredients of a product.
  • If a student is severely allergic to any food product, it is the position of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia Nutritional Development Services and St. Mark School that he or she should not order meal away from home.
  •  Parents are strongly advised to review the menu completely to ensure that each of the food items is suitable for their child/ren, and will not trigger an allergic reaction or related illness.
  • The Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Nutritional Development Services and your children's school staff shall not be responsible for any allergic reaction or related illness caused by any food item.
  • Upon request and without charge, Nutritional Development Services will provide parents with information on any food item, which information has been provided by the supplier of the of the food item. To request product information please call 215-895-3470.
Lunchroom Volunteers

  • Parents, Grandparents, and Parishioners Lunchroom/recess volunteer helpers always appreciated
  • One Hour:  11:20 - 12:20 pm
  • Duties Include:
    • Circulate through the lunchroom and help the children by opening packages and milk cartons, cleaning up spills and providing additional assistance as needed.
    • Monitor the behavior of the students. Encourage the children to act appropriately.
    • Assist the students as they dispose of their trash in proper receptacles. Dispose of any trash the students have missed and clean up any spills.
    • Assist the children as they line up, stand in line, enter and exit the lunchroom.
    • Interact with the children on the playground to maintain order and provide assistance when it's needed.
  • Forms and Requirements:
    • All volunteers need to be cleared and certified for the safety of our children. If you would like to help, please visit out Volunteer Page and fill out the appropriate forms.
Current Menus & Order Forms

*Please note due to nationwide shortages, the menus are subject to change at any time*

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