At the St. Mark School Alumni Association, we believe we can continue to make an impact for the Ol' School on the Delaware. For more than 125 years, St. Mark School alumni have made a difference across countless generations and communities. Today that focus remains strong, as students and graduates continue to stay connected with others who share the spirit and experience of St. Mark School.

St. Mark School's Alumni Association is dedicated to maintaining a common camaraderie by keeping you informed about what is happening at the school today and how alumni continue to contribute. Please consider joining the St. Mark School Alumni Association where opportunities to learn, volunteer, contribute, and serve with the students, programs and activities of your alma mater are in abundance.

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St Mark School is looking to update its Alumni database. Alumni are a very important part of our school history. We'd like to keep in touch. Please fill out this form so we have the most current information on file.