2nd Grade - Mrs. Ashley O'Neil


Welcome to my class of Super Soarers this year!  My name is Mrs. Ashley O'Neil and I am so excited to be a part of the Saint Mark family.  I absolutely love teaching, and 2nd graders are my favorite! I am looking forward to a super school year....so get ready to have a lot of fun.

My goal this year is to make sure that each of my students is learning every single day while having as much fun as possible.  I can't wait to see what the year holds for all of us!  While things will look very different than years before, I hope to make the new transition to learning as easy and comfortable for the students as possible.

I have been a teacher for several years now, working both in Croydon and Bensalem before making my way over to St. Mark.  I was a substitute teacher throughout the Bensalem School District after graduating from Temple University in 2007.  In February 2009 I began working at Saint Thomas Aquinas as the 8th grade teacher.  I loved my time there and stayed until I had my first daughter in April 2011.  The school unfortunately closed that June.  But when every door closes another opens!! From June 2011 until August 2013 I was a very busy mother to 2 beautiful little girls, Rowan (age 10) and Quinn (age 8).  I have an amazing husband Frank, of 10 years, that helps immensely and has been extremely supportive of me coming back to work.  We also had our third daughter Elliette in June 2016, completing our family.  While I absolutely loved being home with my daughters, being in a classroom with my students is something I love equally!  I am a true teacher at heart and couldn't imagine doing anything else in life.  I work hard to make sure each one of my students is learning everyday and having fun at the same time.  I hope that every student leaves my classroom wanting to come back.



Spelling Words - became, erase, game, home, hose, lake, made, nose, rake, time


September 23, 2022

Spanish - homework due Monday.

*Bring in a small picture of yourself.

Bring in Smencil money.

September 22, 2022

Spanish - homework due Monday.

Spelling - write sentences for list words in ELA copybook.  Test tomorrow.

Math - complete worksheet.

*Bring in small picture of yourself.

Bring in Smencil money.

September 21, 2022

Spelling - complete worksheet. Test on Friday.

Math - complete worksheet.

Spanish - homework due Monday.

Bring in Smencil money.

Bring in art smock.

Return Dismissal Procedure form.

September 20, 2022

Spanish - homework due Monday.

Math - complete worksheet.

Bring in Smencil money.

September 19, 2022

Religion - Chapter 1 quiz tomorrow.

Spelling - write list words twice in ELA copybook and once on index cards.

Math - practice how to Make a 10.

Bring in Smencil money.

Students will need all of the following supplies upon entering second grade in September. If you have any questions, please contact me at aoneil@stmarkmail.com.

  • 5 individual folders (each will be used for different things)
  • Pencils (no mechanical pencils permitted)
  • Red pen(s)
  • 12 inch ruler
  • Pencil case (no pencil boxes permitted!)
  • Crayons
  • Markers
  • Glue stick
  • Safety scissors

Any other supplies the students may need will be supplied to them, including copybooks and theme tablets. Please keep in mind when purchasing crayons and markers that the amount of desk space the students have is limited. They don't need the 96 count crayons. Also, the classroom will have a supply of crayons and markers as well. Colored pencils are not necessary. Also, please do not send in any kind of pencil sharpeners. They are not permitted and a classroom sharpener is available if needed.

Thank you!!

Mrs. O'Neil


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